A mysterious cave has been discovered and it changes everytime anyone goes into it. Our main character, a curious and quiet bobble knight, is an adventurer who has set out to reach the end of it and reveal all its secrets. Dangerous monsters and hidden treasures awaits! Will you help him to reach the end of the cave?


W, A, S, DWalk
Left clickAttack
Right clickWeapon Skill
Right buttonAttack
Up (Right)Dodge
Up  (Left)Weapon Skill
Tap the screenTalk


  • The magician is now able to upgrade the dungeon difficulty level
  • Coop multiplayer is already available!
  • Multiple interface bugs are fixed
  • Crossbow is already available


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nice game. cute characters and style.


Good game but what is the relation between this and the christmas?


nice game


overall a good start and looks promising but as long as you have more than a single brain cell you cannot lose


Very fun and replayable game. The art in this game really stands out, as well as the 3D models, animations and music.

I've found myself playing it from time to time over the last couple of days and I don't plan to stop any time soon.

Overall a very impressive game if we keep in mind the short amount of time Gold Pillow Games had for its development.


Great game!! Its very addictive and the fact that you can change the difficulty whenever you want make it more interesting. I would like to see new updates!!!!!

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I love it! The fact that you can change between 100 levels of difficulty gives it so much play time! 

I liked it so much that i decided to speedrun it (Note: It's not the best of speedruns).


this is a really solid game! it was so fun playing in multiplayer!! one thing that needs to be fixed is how enemies can start attacking you as you enter a room, maybe there should be a delay so that you can prepare to fight them. otherwise an amazing game, great job!


I really love the roguelike idea. A couple suggestions:
1) Reduce the amount of stages between bosses, or increase the variety of stage shapes. 
2) If possible, give the player a lighting level suggestion, or provide a way to adjust it later down the road

You did an awesome job here!